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Services Offered

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Psychotherapy and Counselling

Because I take an integrative stance we will work in a modality that best suits your needs and your expectations in a one on one session. Each journey is unique. While some journeys may be very brief (1-6 sessions) some clients require a more long term process. In therapy the following subjects can be worked on: 

  • Adjusting to Change/Life Transitions

  • Anger Management 

  • Anxiety Disorders and Anxiety Management  

  • Bereavement and Loss

  • Emotional Overwhelm

  • Parent/Teen Conflict

  • Relationship Problems

  • Gender Identity Struggles

  • Trauma Processing 

  • Self-Esteem and Personal Growth

Play Therapy

Children don't always have the verbal skills to engage in talk therapy as adults do. Their language is play. Play therapy offers them a space to process their inner world through various therapeutic play interventions, including art, music, sandtray, games and sensory experiences. 

Online Therapy

The same process occurs in online sessions as in individual psychotherapy. Online therapy makes use of the platform Zoom. Certain technical aspects will have to be inplace to allow an uninterrupted session. Please note that online therapy is not appropriate for highly suicidal clients.

Couples Counselling

In couples counselling you may find a space that allows you to look at your relationship and partner with curiosity again. It is when we are brave enough to look with curiosity that we discover the dynamics that keep certain patterns in place. In couples counselling we endeavour to improve those patterns and learn new ways of relating.

Parent Guidance

No two children are alike. In parent guidance we create an action plan specific to your child and the challenges you face in your parenting journey.

Mindfulness Training

Modern living is at times counterproductive in its drive to push us into a rat race. Mindfulness practices aim to help us slow down, take in our surroundings and just exist in the here and now.

DBT Skills Training

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) is an evidence-based intervention for people struggling with emotional regulation. DBT is built on the four pillars of mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, distress tolerance and emotional regulation. DBT seeks to help clients build a life worth living.

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